Where’s Doddridge?

Those that know Corpus Christi history know that many of our streets are named after the movers and shakers of the city’s past. Perry Doddridge, the man that opened the first bank in Corpus Christi, unsurprisingly has a street named after him as well. Living up to Perry Doddridge’s reputation for changing capitalistic ventures, so does the street. Doddridge was originally built as part of a beach front addition to the city. The area was home to the Memorial Coliseum before it was demolished in 2010. It is unknown if the street was renamed Kinney to specifically honor the founder of Corpus Christi, Colonel Henry Lawrence Kinney, or if Perry Doddridge was honored with being a new street dedicated to him further down the shoreline. Either way, it is always exciting to see how the city has changed and developed over time, an exploration soon to be available to everyone! This specific discovery was uncovered by Juan Martinez thanks to the Georectifcation software developed by himself and others at the Spatial {Query} Lab. Hopefully as we move forward in georectifying all of our maps we find more interesting finds like this one!