What is this?

As surveyors, proper field notes and documentation are a necessity to retain our status as a profession. We are held accountable to our work and evidence we create to support it. However, we are all subject to a case of the Monday’s every now and again. Usually we would just go back and correct our errors, but sometimes we just look at our work and say, “what is this?” Now I know what some of you are thinking, “that’s some greenhorn talk right there, I’m to good to make mistakes like that” (A salty surveyor), but even the greats make mistakes, like former Nueces County Surveyor Mr. Green. You can see below where he asks himself, “What is this? La Huerta? La Copitia?” An amusing find that makes us all feel better about our errs, and reminder that attention to detail and proper documentation are more effective than trusting memory.