Tragedy on the Bay

Few people remember the Alta Vista Hotel in Corpus Christi. Its story is one of failed dreams and overlooked potential. The hotel was built by Colonel Elihu Harrison Ropes in the late Nineteenth Century. Ropes, who eventually had the street located between Sinclair & Doddridge dedicated in his honor, came to Corpus with hopes of molding a new economic hub out of the city on the bay. Unfortunately, his financial bakers from the East Coast pulled out only a few years into Ropes transformation and his dreams retreated with them. Defeated, Ropes left Corpus. This didn’t stop the construction of the Alta Vista hotel, and upon its completion in 1893 the shining new hotel was left unopened. A new owner eventually opened the hotel and operated for a few years, but eventually abandoned the hotel. Tragically the hotel burned on June 9th 1927. Today, a historical marker is all that remains of the hotel that was meant to represent growth and potential in Corpus Christi.

Below you can see a postcard with an image of the completed hotel. Here at Spatial {Query} Lab, we are lucky enough to have a copy of the dedication survey completed by Walter E. Pope and the original blueprints by Charles F. H. von Blucher.