The Other Half

We’ve been quiet over at Spatial {Query} Lab, but we haven’t been standing still. We’re putting the finishing touches on the last of the Blucher Fieldbook Collection, starting transcription up on the second set of Blucher Indices, and are staged for the other half of the Blucher Job Folders. Plus, thanks to the hard work done by Special Collections at the Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi Library, we will soon begin scanning the rolled maps in the Blucher Collection. What this means today is that every single surveyor and researcher with internet access now has access to roughly 50% of the largest collection of historical survey information in South Texas! Ultimately, none of this would have been possible without the hardworking students at Spatial {Query} Lab and the generous financial support of the Ed Rachel Foundation. We look forward to the next year of progress as we tie loose ends with the Blucher Collection and open up the William Green Collection.

The second half of the Job Folders from the Blucher Collection.