The Deliverable Conundrum

What do we want? Field note descriptions! When do we want it? SOON!

I can only speak on behalf of construction projects, but I’m sure all surveyors have had that client that just seemed to think that as soon as you start breaking down the tripod the job was done. Forget that you still have hours of drafting, double checking, and package preparation to conduct before you can hand off the finalized project. This impression that the field crew is the extent of our profession is likely the culprit of this stigma. Deadlines and demands for deliverables is always a stress because we always strive to provide clients with the most accurate depiction of land and object on the ground. So how do we go about setting proper deadlines? How can we properly anticipate extra field work or other issues with a job? Well in 1952 surveyors used particular language in correspondence with clients that satisfied any unknown timelines. An example would be “When wanted: Soon.” Sounds good to me!