Spatial Fascination

Maps. Chances are if you’re on this site, you have some form of love for maps. Maps are these beautiful spatial interpretations that connect peoples and cultures alike. Whether it’s a geopolitical conversion of countries into perceived animals or a pocket map often found in the real-estate classifieds, maps have connected us one way or another. French & Haberer was a civil engineering firm in the Nueces County area in the early 1900’s that produced many of the maps and plats used by real-estate companies to advertise the beautiful cities and towns of South Texas. The French & Haberer Handy Pocket Plan of Corpus Christi has been a repeat favorite among students in the Spatial {Query} Lab, as well as faculty at Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying & Science. That is why this week we’d like to share a carbon copy of one of their maps with all of you. One of our newest employees described the map as, “really cool and full of hidden gems because of the art.”  Take the time to appreciate the time and effort that went into these hand drawn maps, and take a moment to remember where your love for maps came from. Oh and don’t miss the mullet sporting mermen on the right.