Sparkling City by the Sea

The Sparkling City by the Sea has always been seen as a city with potential for major growth. Back in 1924, advertisements for Corpus to become the ‘Metropolis of the State of Texas’ were a common sight. Investment companies also believed that the entire county would flourish into a hub of large towns surrounded by farmlands. Robstown was advertised as ‘the most progressive town in the state’ and Bishop was claimed to become the second, if not first, largest city in the state.

Well here we are 93 years later; Corpus is the 8th largest city in the State (only 1.97 million people behind number one, Houston city proper), Bishop is home to 3,134 people (2016), and Nueces County voted majority conservative candidates with on 53.86% voter turnout, not so progressive. So, what happened? Well a stock market crash and the unstoppable tide of Houston & Dallas likely diverted attention of investors and bankers away from Corpus.

This didn’t keep Corpus from growing though. On their own they’ve built a competitive port, solid banking industry, and a competitive tourism industry. Texas A&M University on Ward Island has been a benefit to the city as well, and now with Spatial {Query} Lab located in Corpus there is no questioning that Corpus is the most desirable place to work in the world! Whatever happens next, we know that Corpus will continue to slowly grow and develop new industries and inventions!