{Open Source GIS}

The Spatial {Query} Lab is an ICA-OSGeo Lab that focuses on development of award winning open source curriculum for open source geospatial software. Thiry-five (35) FOSS4G University-level labs are maintained and made available for download from the Spatial {Query} Lab on behalf of the GeoAcademy. These labs focus on the use of QGIS, GRASS, MultiSpec, and Inkscape.

As educators, we found the amount of ready-made FOSS4G curriculum lacking, or woefully out of date. Therefore, with the support of the Department of Labor, we decided to create the world’s first complete FOSS4G curriculum available for everyone to use, for freeWe do not want this curriculum to die! Therefore, the Spatial {Query} Lab is spearheading the continued development and updating of these labs.

All of the curriculum is available on our FOSS4G Academy Curriculum page, and all source documents are available on GitHub. You can also earn a GeoBadge by completing the course materials.


Building a New FOSS4G Technology Workforce – 2015 Texas GIS Forum, Austin, Texas

Building a New FOSS4G Technology Workforce – Presentation Video Recording – FOSS4G North America 2015, San Francisco, California

Educating 21st Century Geospatial Technology Industry Workers with Open Source Software – FOSS4G 2014, Portland, Oregon.

Building a National GTCM-Aligned GIS Curriculum – 2013 Esri Education GIS Conference, San Diego, California.

GTCM: From Concept to Implementation – 19th Annual California GIS Conference, Long Beach, California