The Spatial {Query} Lab & Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science is excited to announce a new service to the land surveying community that will aide your surveying practice in managing their firms with ease. Cardinal is a web based solution to survey management solution that gets you off the phone and back to surveying. By using Cardinal, not only will your surveying practice receive a professional survey management solution designed to fit your practice, it will also provide your clients with a way to monitor job progression, receive and pay invoices, and receive deliverables.

Cardinal was designed to be a flexible solution to survey office management for companies of all sizes. We’ve focused on developing an easy to adapt service that allows you to incorporate the roles, steps, and tasks of your practice into our software. When Cardinal is set up for your practice, we will incorporate specifications about how you operate each office so that your Cardinal solution includes tailored features such as: company organization (ex. principal, project manager, crew chief), stages of each job (ex. research, field work, plat & stamp, bill client), job tasks, task pricing, and even incorporating parcel data into Cardinal’s web map. We’ve built Cardinal from the ground-up to be flexible and familiar to encourage quick adoption by both you and your clients.

For more information please visit cardinal.tamucc.edu