Texas Map Society Spring Meeting – Save the Date

The Texas Map Society is having its 2016 Spring meeting at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi April 1-2. A major focus on this meeting will be the {Map Scanning} Project our lab is operating and will also include other presentations, a group tour of the Art Museum of South Texas, and a visit to the Special Collections and Archives Department at the Mary and Jeff Bell Library. See the Texas Map Society Spring 2016 Meeting -Save the Date Flyer and we’ll let you know when registration opens.

{MAP SCANNING} Field Books to be scanned with Book Scanner

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi’s Mary and Jeff Bell Library Special Collections and Archives Department has purchased book scanner in effort to bring the Blucher Field Book collection to the World Wide Web. Our staff has started scanning the Field Book collection. We expect to begin cataloging this collection by the end of January 2016. Below is a time lapse video of Lilian using the book scanner.

{MAP SCANNING} 2015 Year-End Report

2015 was a successful year for our S{Q}L Map Scanning Project. The creation of the Auto-cropping application helped speed up the scanning process. Several new improvements were introduced on the Map Scanning Application, including the statistics page which help supervisor to monitor the work progress and the training section which improve the efficiency of employee training process. We are pleased to announce that we have reached 3692 documents input during October of 2015 (Figure 1). As of 01/03/2016, our server stores 27034 maps/documents, including ~10000 maps and 17158 job folder pages (Figure 2). Our resolutions of 2016 are: 1. Finish… Read more »


Son D. Nguyen, Web Developer & System Operator of The {Map Scanning} Project, presented at 12th Annual Pathways Student Research Symposium at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi on October 23rd, 2015. The presentation includes the foundation software – Map Scanning Web Application (MSWA) & the supporting software – Auto-cropping Application. The MSWA is now storing more than 20,000 maps & surveying documents. The Auto-cropping is a Java application that helps automate the process of cropping the image files after scanning.

GeoAcademy Team Wins GeoForAll Global Educator of the Year Award 2015

Dr. Richard Smith, Director of the Spatial {Query} Lab, was awarded GeoForAll – Global Educator of the Year Award as part of the Team award. The award was presented to Kurt Menke, Nate Jennings, Jon Van Hoesen, Richard Smith, and Phil Davis  at the FOSS4G – 2015 – Europe Conference in Como, Italy. All of these individuals played an important part in creating the GeoAcademy Curriculum. The GeoAcademy Curriculum is being maintained by the Spatial {Query} Lab and is composed of thirty-five labs across five college-level courses. The curriculum is available here.

GST 104 – Cartographic Design – Updated to QGIS 2.8 and Inkscape 0.91

It’s finally here! The GST 104 – Cartographic Design labs are completed and available as part of our award winning GeoAcademy curriculum. The seven labs feature QGIS 2.8 and Inkscape 0.91. The lab topics are: Creating a colorful map of the United States of America Exploring Coordinate Systems and Map Projections Map Elements and Design IDP and Refugee Proportional Symbol Map IDP and Refugee Proportional Symbol Map – Designing the Final Map Countries with Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Over 1 Million Map Design Design and Label a Downtown Street Map Here are a few examples of maps students… Read more »