New Horizons

  • The Spatial {Query} Lab’s software development team has been re-imagined with the return of the Map Scanning Veteran, Son Nguyen. For the first time in two years S{Q}L has a true software development team working on a multiple projects. Classic projects like BandoCat have paved the way for new works like Cardinal, which takes data management a step forward to aid survey companies in managing data and individual job tasks. A Cardinal sandbox-demo is set to release next week.
  • Sam Allred, the most recent programming lead on BandoCat, is working on Weather on Wheels, a partner project with the Coastal Dynamics Lab at CBI, that will aid the trucking industry with route planning across the country.
  • Bradley Koskowich┬áis continuing to support Cardinal, but is diving deeper into hololens applications in the geospatial industry as he pursues his doctoral degree in Geospatial Computing Science.
  • Jensen DeGrande is working on building a cartographic visualization tool for project partners at the United States Army Corps of Engineers that will give them interactive access to over 50years of aerial imagery along the Texas Gulf Coast.
  • Continued development of BandoCat is now being lead by Court Reeves, who is in charge of Ruben Ortiz and Jose Congo. BandoCat is S{Q}L’s longest running project and provides Texas citizens access to over 100years of public land records and maps on the Texas Digital Library.