Mosquito Blood

On the 27th of February 1931, a Blucher Field crew surveying the Nueces Bay Shoreline came under attack. They were pinned down by the enemy, retreat no longer an option as they became surrounded. The enemy swarmed the land and skies around them, striking them with needle like projectiles. It was every surveyors biggest fear, mosquitoes. “There are 15 billion of them out here & all after me.” Fortunately, the Blucher crew prevailed after what we can only assume was a lifetime of enemy engagement and no reinforcements. By the time the dust had settled and the Blucher crew emerged victorious, they had become more primitive, more savage. So a monument was erected to serve as a warning to the mosquito scum. A monument marked with the blood of enemy mosquitoes, The corner old #166 would henceforth be known as: ‘Mosquito Blood.’