Hix Green Ranch

From William Alexander, Student Research Assistant:

Presenting today is a map that was a tough nut to crack. Titled “Partition Plat of the Hix Green 1041.53 Acre Ranch” by Chas. Klumpp, Jr., the only other relevant spatial information stated was De Witt County, Texas. It was almost chucked in the bin, but we noticed that the map dates from 1974. 44 years isn’t so large a gap in this gig; for us, its about as modern as these maps get. So we googled “Hix Green Ranch” on a lark to see if it was still around, and lo and behold, we don’t know if the ranch is still a ranch, but we turned up a Farm to Market road named Hix Green, and it didn’t take long to spot the distinct, man-made triangle from the property lines along it. There may or may not have been an outspoken cry of “Booyeah!” that dated the scanner on duty in front of his younger coworkers.

The lesson here is it pays to explore all the simple avenues available to you when trying to spatially place these maps. Google is your friend, just be careful what you let him look at. ‘til next time.