First Find of the Week

Each week our {Map Scanning} team scans and catalogs hundreds and sometimes thousands of maps documents. Although the enormity of the project can at times seem overwhelming, our workers press forward and always keep an eye out for interesting or unique documents to share with coworkers. The {Map Scanning} team has always shared fun finds between themselves and now our workers would like to share with you. Each week a new “Find of the Week” will be featured on the blog.

Our first “Find of the Week” is an itemized list of food. Surveyors would often spend several days working on one project and had to plan meals accordingly. This grocery list features many nonperishable items.

As a part of the Job Folders Collection, this document was included in an envelope of documents pertaining to the survey of Ward Island in 1915. Since Ward Island is now the home of  Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, this document holds an even greater significance for our workers, especially the ones who have themselves taken land surveying classes on the island.