One map made of three sheets of paper – Find of the Week

Often when people hear the word “map” they imagine a large rectangular piece of paper with the United States of America drawn in bright colors. Or perhaps, a person might think of using an internet browser to look up directions from one place to another. In most cases, however, people usually think of maps of fitting within a square or rectangle. Our third “Find of the Week” demonstrates how a map does not always fit inside of a rectangular piece of paper.

This map, titled “Map of Portland Texas in San Patricio County”, is from the Green Maps Collection and is made three separate parts glue together. This map is, of course, not a finished product, but rather one step in the process of creating a complete and up-to-date map. Especially before the ability to use computers for creating maps, it was very common for maps to be updated just as this map has been with several additional sheets of paper.