Field Book Sketches – Find of the Week

Although field books are typically filled with technical sketches of the property being surveyed, surveyors would occasionally draw other things in their field books. Sketches of the landscapes or buildings can often be found in the Blucher Collection field books. This particular page shows a few sketches between additional notes and calculations. The sketch on the left side of the page depicts pajamas air drying on top of surveying stakes. The sketch on the right side of the page is titled “Mud Flats Farm” and is dated October 25, 1918.


As was mentioned in our very first “Find of the Week” blog post, surveyors could spend several days or even weeks working on a job that would require them to essentially camp out while working. This sketch shows how stakes were used not only for the actual surveying, but also as a make shift clothes line.


The sketch of Mud Flats Farm appears to be signed by Charles F.H. Von Blucher on the lower right side of the image. Charles F.H. Von Blucher was the Nueces County surveyor from 1882 to 1934.