Blunders – Find of the Week

Even the best can make mistakes sometimes, but what is important is identifying and correcting any mistakes that have been made. In surveying, we have a special word for avoidable mistakes. A blunder is a mistake, big or small, that is often due to human error. However, with comprehensive procedures and diligent checks, blunders can be found and corrected.

Examples of blunders include, but are not limited to:
-Incorrectly reading an instrument
-Copying down a number incorrectly
-Tabulation errors
-Instruments incorrectly calibrated

The field book page below is an interesting example of two blunders occurring at once. The first blunder occurred when a point was set at 21.07 instead of 21.70. The second blunder occurred when the note  pointing out the first mistake is written with the numbers 12.07 and 12.70. Both mistakes are identified by Conrad Blucher (C.M.B) and corrected on a separate page. The left image shows the original field book page and the right image shows the first blunder highlighted in red, the second blunder highlighted in blue, and the correction highlighted in green.