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BandoCat is a web-based platform that provides a workspace for your team to catalog, store, transcribe, georectify, and publish maps and documents. For managers, BandoCat provides statistics, audit trails, issue ticket system, and user-level security. Together, all of these features make BandoCat a soup-to nuts solution to operationalize your scanning operation.

BandoCat Features

BandoCat has a number of fully developed and in-development features. We have used BandoCat to scan, catalog, and store over 55,000 documents (as of December 2016) in our {Map Scanning} project. We are transcribing 1,481 pages of text and will soon be rectifying thousands of maps and publishing everything to the public, all using BandoCat.

Feature Overview

User-level SecurityAll BandoCat users must have a username and password. Users can have read & write or read-only permissions.
Custom Cataloging FormsEach collection of documents can have a custom cataloging form to match the unique needs of each document collection.
Upload DocumentsCataloged documents are attached to the catalog entry and stored on the server. Thumbnails are automatically generated from the uploaded files.
Georectification FunctionGeorectify scanned documents to locations on Earth.
Transcription FunctionDocuments can be transcribed into a custom form. Areas of the document being transcribed are visualized by the transcription interface.
Cataloging StatisticsView statistics of cataloging activity by week, month, year, and collection.
QueriesRun preconfigured queries to return information about your cataloged collections.
Publish to DSpaceIf you have a DSpace instance, BandoCat can publish (individually or in batch) your cataloged documents, with full metadata.

Administrator Features

Activity LogReview all actions that have taken place in BandoCat. Each catalog, review, and delete function is timestamped and linked to a user and item.
View Support TicketsView all support tickets submitted by BandoCat users. Tickets contain subject, ticket status (open/closed), description, and administrator notes.
Create New UserCreate a new BandoCat user. Set user name, password, and read & write, or read-only permissions.
PublishingPublish or unpublish documents to your instance on DSpace. DSpace REST API version 5 is required.

Upcoming Features of BandoCat


History of BandoCat

BandoCat was born out of necessity as we worked on the {Map Scanning} project. After scanning hundreds of historic maps and documents for a few years, we decided that we needed a better way to catalog the scans. After reviewing what was available for cataloging maps, we couldn’t find anything that met our needs. So, in summer of 2012, we decided to write our own map cataloging software and it continued to morph throughout the years to its current form.

Screenshot of BandoCat Main Menu in Version 1

Screenshot of BandoCat Main Menu in Version 1

Screenshot of BandoCat Main Menu in Version 2

Screenshot of BandoCat Main Menu in Version 2

Only until recently (August 2016) did BandoCat have a proper name; previously it was just called ‘Map Scanning Website’. So, clearly, we needed something new and catchy. We decided on BandoCat, which is a combination of two words: bản đồ, which is the Vietnamese word for ‘Map’, and Cat, which is short for ‘Catalog’, thus, MapCatalog. We adopted the Vietnamese word for map (bản đồ) because the coding was done initally by Dang Pham, a computer science undergraduate student, and then Son D. Nguyen, a computer science graduate student, both originally from Vietnam, so we wanted to honor their contributions. Why did we adopt ‘Cat’? Well, we would be lying if we denied using ‘Cat’ because we thought it would make a cool logo, and, everything on the internet apparently has to have something to do with cats, so this makes us internet compliant.

Son D. Nguyen Programming BandoCat

Son D. Nguyen Programming BandoCat