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The Spatial {Query} Lab has survived the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. Some of us that were around after the storm were able to aid Port Aransas, which suffered devastating levels of destruction. As with any major event, recovery can seem impossible from the perspective of a single victim. However, when communities band together, the impossible tasks become possible once again. During our time volunteering in Port Aransas, we were able to assist 12 homes by completely emptying them, getting bare floors treated for mold and mildew, and begin the demolition process of removing sheet rock and wet insulation. The repairs these homes will need, and the recovery process for these families are still far from complete, but at the very least we gave them a solid place to start that should prevent the situation from worsening. Many other communities were hit just as hard, if not worse. So, as the rest of us return to our daily routines of classes and map scanning, we must not forget the issues that some of our friends, family, and coworkers may still be facing, and be there for them should they ask it.