A Trace of History

Texas has a rich history that is largely undocumented, and where it is documented, it often fails to be widely distributed. One of the joys of our map scanning project is being able to glimpse into past persons and the actions and effects that center around them and their descendants. Many times a search leads to nothing more than a record of someones existence, but some times we identify that one doctor deciding to expand their medical services lead to over 100 years of medical service in rural South Texas.Dr. Charley Reagan made the decision around 1916 to expand his medical service to Bee County from Live Oak County. His three sons would later become practitioners in Bee County, and today, one of his grandsons sits at the Bee County Medical Association President. Seeing this family legacy of medicine reminds me of the family legacy established by the Blucher family. It shows me the value of following family traditions; that through these legacy’s, an unrivaled level of localized professional knowledge must exist. After all, survey families still exists, and I wonder, will I start one too?

Historical Information found at Beeville.net