A Hundred Thousand

Aspiring surveyors from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi discussing land records on display.

This past Friday Spatial {Query} Lab celebrated a major milestone, the cataloging of our 100,000th land record. The event celebrated the achievements of the Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science and the Special Collections and Archives at Mary and Jeff Bell Library. Ron Brister, an original champion of the project, was honored with cataloging the latest land records, an index map of Corpus Christi from the 1940s. The event was well attended by Texas surveyors and the general public. Here at S{Q}L we are still in shock at how far this project has come, serving as a fulfillment of our duty to serve the public. On top of the service to the public, this project has provided in-field experience to 36 students to date, and will be adding 5 new faces in Fall 2018. Seneca Holland, the original mind behind the project, would be proud! Thank you all for continuing to support S{Q}L and our efforts.

Henry Gonzalez (left), Sandra Jerabek, and Shelby Gonzalez (Library Assistant II) look through a map index from 1943.

Link to published Blucher Collection Maps of Texas Digital Library

Link to published Green Collection Maps of Texas Digital Library